Homes For Sale In Paramus NJ

Quick Facts

Population (2016): 26,880
Zip Codes: 07653
Median Listing Price: $690,000
Median Closing Price: N/A
County: Bergen County
School District: Paramus School District

Travel & Commute Times

River Edge: 12 mins
Glen Rock: 13 mins
Dumont: 18 mins

Things to Do

Things to Do

About Paramus

Paramus, a beautiful borough in Bergen County, is one of NYC’s suburbs – it’s less than 20 miles outside of Midtown Manhattan and less than 10 from Upper Manhattan. Incorporated in 1922, this shopping mecca and bedroom community is home to just under 30,000 people and five major indoor shopping centers. It’s also where Coach USA, Hanjin Shipping, Movado Group, Inc., and Suez North America maintain their headquarters.

Homes For Sale In Paramus NJ

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Schools in Paramus

If you’re moving with kids, schools may be a major factor in your buying decision.

Paramus features excellent Public Schools, private schools, public schools for the hearing impaired and those designed for a variety of disabilities.

High Schools

Dining, Shopping, and Entertainment in Paramus

Paramus is a shopping hub for all of Bergen County and beyond. Several notable shopping centers are located here, including:

In addition to several shopping experiences, there are many amazing restaurants – both chain and locally owned – in the area. You’ll also discover plenty of things to do, including the Paramus Golf Course, Arcola Country Club and The Ridgewood Country Club, as well as movie theaters, cultural expressions and so much more.

Public Parks and Recreation in Paramus

There are several public parks in Paramus. Some are large, while others are cozy neighborhood parks. Some of the most notable include:

  • Besen Park
  • Madison Park
  • Petruska Park
  • Reid Park
  • Ridgewood Dog Park
  • Saddle River Park
  • Spring Valley Park
  • Van Saun County Park

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