Edgewater NJ

Quick Facts

Population (2016): 12,044
Zip Codes: 07020
Median Listing Price: $719,000
Median Closing Price: N/A
County: Bergen County
School District:

Edgewater School District

Travel & Commute Times

GWB Bus Terminal (NYC): 

15 mins

Things to Do

Things to Do

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About Edgewater

Edgewater is positioned north of North Bergen and along the Hudson River.  Many of homes, condos, townhomes and apartment rentals boast of stunning views of the New York City skyline.

Edgewater NJ is one of the most desirable commuter communities for those looking to be close to New York City. The community offers more than just an ideal location. 

Edgewater NJ condos and townhomes are the properties which predominantly make up the Edgewater NJ real estate market. Apartments in Edgewater NJ are in high demand because of its' close proximity to New York City. 

Edgewater Schools

If you’re moving with kids, the Edgewater Public School District may be a major factor in your buying decision. Edgewater is known for its award-winning schools. 

Homebuyers have been drawn to Edgewater NJ because of the Public School District.  The Edgewater School District has an outstanding reputation due to smaller classes, excellent teachers and an refined curriculum.

The Edgewater School District serves the students of Edgewater in grades K-6 and offers a tuition-based preschool program for Edgewater residents.  

Students in preschool through grade 2 attend George Washington School, and students in grades 3-6 attend Eleanor Van Gelder School.

Students in grades 7-12 attend Leonia Public Schools. 


55 River Road, Tel: 201-943-1700

Post Office
770 River Rd
Tel: 201-945-4297

Public Library
49 Hudson Avenue
Tel: 201-224-6144

55 River Road, 1st Floor
Tel: 201-943-2200


Nurseries & Daycare
Houses Of Worship
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