Dumont NJ

Quick Facts

Population (2016): 17,871
Zip Codes: 07628
Median Listing Price: $405,000
Median Closing Price: N/A
County: Bergen County
School District:

Dumont NJ School District

Travel & Commute Times

GWB Bus Terminal (NYC): 

25 mins

Things to Do


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About Dumont NJ

The Borough of Dumont was established on July 20, 1894  and it's a small suburban community in Bergen County NJ.  

Dumont approximately 2 square miles it's approximately 16 miles from New York City.

Public Parks and Recreation in Dumont NJ

The most notable Dumont NJ parks include:


Veterans Memorial Park
Pershing St. to Davies Ave
Bedford Field 
Bedford Rd, between Barbara Rd &  White Beeches Dr. (park of McGaw Park)
Dawn M. Totten Memorial Field
Johnson Ave., between Columbia Ave. & Locust Ave.
Gina's Field
Aladdin Ave. & Armour Pl.
Twin Boro Field
Dance Boulevard & Ralph Dizzini Drive

Parks & Playgrounds

Berkley Park
Berkley Place, between Barbara Road & White Beeches Drive (part of McGaw Park)
Dawn M. Totten Memorial Park 
Johnson Avenue & Locust Avenue
Christopher DeAngelis Park
Summit Avenue & Lenox Avenue
Dervitz Park
Boulevard & 2nd Street
Firefighters Park
Dakota Avenue & Cherokee Street
Linden Avenue Park 
W. Linden Avenue & Sunset Street
McGaw Park
Bedford Road, between Barbara Road & White Beeches Drive
Moore Park
Moore Avenue & Lafayette Avenue
Charlie O'Connor Park
Lafayette Avenue, just south of New Milford Avenue
Sorosis Park 
Park Avenue & W. Quackenbush Avenue
Veterans Memorial Park
Pershing Street at Davies Avenue
Waareham Road Park
Wareham Road & Avon Lane

Dumont Senior Center / Dumont Senior Center Facebook Page
39 Dumont Avenue, Dumont, NJ


Schools in Dumont NJ

If you’re moving with kids, schools may be a major factor when deciding to buy Dumont NJ real estate.

The Dumont NJ School District features excellent public schools and private schools


Dumont High School
101 New Milford Avenue
Grant School
100 Grant Avenue
Honiss School
31 Depew Street
Lincoln School
80 Prospect Avenue
Selzer School
435 Prospect Avenue


Newbury Academy
344 Washington Ave, Dumont, NJ
St. Mary's Elementary School
21 New Milford Ave, Dumont, NJ
(201) 384-0512


Dumont NJ

Borough Hall
80 W. Madison Avenue
Tel:  201-387-5022

Median Household Income: $96,395

Post Office
138 Veterans Plaza

Public Library
180 Washington Avenue

50 Washington Ave
Tel: 201-387-5000


Daycare & Nursery Schools
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